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Fiberglass filter mesh for aluminium filtering

Views: 9     Author: Sofia     Publish Time: 2018-05-18      Origin: Site Inquire

Specification of fiberglass filter mesh for aluminium filtering


Compared to other kinds of net for casting filter, the resistant-high-temperature fiberglass netlike for foundry is with lower quotation, higher ability of filtering residue and lower gas arising, thus it is easy to use and could keep the element of metal steadily; what is more, these products have good performance on high temperature resistant, flame resistant,good chemical stability and intensity of steel. There by, this kind of filtering netlike cloth is the favorable filtering material for various metal-water. It could be used on chemical liquid filtering and high-temperature gas filtering either.


1.Material:Fiber galss

2.1) Size:0.6mm*0.6mm,0.8mm*0.8mm,1.0mm*1.0mm,1.2mm*1.2mm,1.5mm*1.5mm,2.0mm*2.0mm,2.5mm*2.5mm etc.

  2)Piece Size:400*450,300*450,300*150 etc,also can according to customer's demand. 


  4)Heat resistance:800-1620 centi-degree


High Silica Fiberglass Filter Parameter  Feature 

 melten iron filter

melten steel filter 

copper alloy filter

 alumina alloy filter

 work temperature (degree celsius)





 lasting work time (minutes)





 tensile strength at normal tem. (kg/4)

 more 8

 more 16

more 6 

more 6 

 gas emission (cm3/g)

 less 60

 less 60

less 60 



High temperature resistant fiberglass filter net for foundry are used for filtering and purging all kinds of matal liquid.
In the casting production, casting iron one, cast steel one, casting copper one and casting aluminium one, it is often to happen the defects, such as dreg one, sand holes , gas hole, etc for various reasons. so use our high silica fiberglass mesh filter can get rid of the nonmetal inclusion in the metal melting body, improve the yield of castings, improving the quality of castings products. has great technology and economic worth.
Mail products of Fiberglass Filter mesh For Casting: Aluminum liquid filtration, steel liquid filtration, iron liquid filtration,copper liquid filtration, capstyle filtering net, etc.


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