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Fiberglass Filter Mesh For Metal Cast

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This Fiberglass Filter Mesh For Metal Cast is especially suitable for casting molten water, such as aluminum water, molten iron, and molten steel.

In the casting production, the cast iron is integrated, the cast steel is integrated, and the cast copper is integrally cast and integrated into one, and various defects such as dross, blisters and pores often occur. Therefore, our high-silica fiberglass mesh filter can remove non-metallic inclusions in the metal melt, increase the yield of castings, and improve the quality of casting products. Has a high technical and economic value.

Use our fiberglass mesh to achieve the following:

◆ Remove blisters, oxides, dust and other inclusions and harmful impurities, eliminate gas eyes, slag eyes, improve casting yield and appearance quality and internal quality.

◆ Improve the mechanical properties of the cast after filtration, such as the rigidity of the casting, the surface and the bending strength.

The molten fiberglass filter is used for casting and can be cut to any size, placed in a sprue cup, lapped under the surface of the runner, and overlapped in the runner and runner surfaces, and then pressed with a combination box.

If a fiberglass filter cloth is used with a slag trap, a better filtration effect will be obtained.

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