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Exporter of flour milling mesh

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As an exporter of flour milling mesh, R&K has a wide range of fabrics with stable mesh openings, which makes differentiation more of a customer's benefit. The screens made by R&K are known for their high capacity, longevity, perfect fit and competitive price. We offer high quality industrial filter fabrics, screened fabrics and bolt fabrics for milling applications. The fabric has the best screening efficiency and the longest service life.


Application industry:

Flour mill


corn flour

Masala score

Sago / starch



Processing machine:

The purifier separates the product according to its specific weight and size. Sefar offers the highest quality screen fabrics for the manufacture of purifier covers or as roll fabrics for each frame size. The special properties of R&K XXX and GG's various mesh openings and polyester fabrics provide the best classification.

In the purifier, the air stream and the screen separate the bran, and the particles are classified into coarse and medium plan sieves according to the specific gravity and size of the particles.

The ground wheat or milled material is sieved and divided into various parts. R&K offers a variety of Flour Milling Mesh Fabric to suit different types of cereals. Our R&K products have different physical properties to meet any milling needs.

The flat screen separates the particles according to their size by allowing particles smaller than the mesh to pass while retaining larger particles. The fraction is then further processed by a roller mill or a subsequent sieving machine.

Flour Milling Mesh Fabric

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