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China Nylon Flour Mesh Food Grade

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In the food industry, when choosing a Nylon Flour Mesh in the industrial chemical industry, you need to choose a food grade nylon filter. Don't choose ordinary. why? Reking, which has been producing nylon filters for many years, said it is important to improve the economic efficiency of the industry and reduce investment. 

Food grade nylon mesh has good effect: the material is 100% nylon (PA66), food grade, non-toxic, odorless, high strength, laboratory tensile strength 75MPa, large elongation and good elasticity. 

Food grade nylon mesh is strong and wear resistant and is the first fiber. It also maintains high strength and stiffness at higher temperatures. It is resistant to hydrazine, oil, corrosion, strong bases and weak acids and has stable chemical properties. It has good electrical insulation, vibration and sound absorption, and has a certain flame retardancy.

Ordinary nylon mesh's material is more than 50% polyester (PET) more than 50%, the rest is nylon (PA66), food grade, non-toxic, odorless, slightly deep, hard, laboratory tensile strength 60MPa, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, anti-stagnation, weak acid resistance And weak base, resistant to most solvents.

The food grade nylon filter is precisely prepared and can be used for various liquid and dust filtration; paint filtration; marine culture, flour processing, ceramics, pharmaceutical, chemical, dye, monosodium glutamate, fishery, food and other industrial sieves.

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