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China Flour Milling Mesh Fabric

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China Flour Milling Mesh Fabric can be used for standard and food grade applications in food, chemical, medical and automotive coating applications.

1.China Flour Milling Mesh Fabric is widely used in the filtration and separation industries, such as the food industry for milling and flour processing, paper mills, grain milling and other foods.

2. Liquid and dust filtration as filter bags or filter belts

3.Flour nylon mesh is also widely used in textile printing, garment printing, glass or ceramic printing.

China Flour Milling Mesh Fabric


It is the highest strength mesh in the flour screen series. Due to the thick line, the aperture size decreases. It is used in soft and durum wheat flour production lines. This reinforced mesh has a longer life.

PA-XXX fabric for hard wheat and durum wheat


long life

Good wear resistance


PA-XX for soft wheat, biscuits and rye flour

rough surface

High percentage and open area

Optimum screening efficiency

China Flour Milling Mesh Fabric

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