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Buy it! The price rise came

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-30      Origin: Site Inquire

Waiting to wait, the price of stainless steel has gone up again; waiting to wait, the momentum of the rise will not be able to stop the car; waiting and waiting, the bearer begins to regret it; waiting and waiting, the opportunity will be missed again and again. Now.

The scrap steelmaking has been reduced and the cost has been pushed up

Once the price of scrap has risen and the price of finished products has dropped, the price of finished products is now rising. The key to lowering scrap prices is that low-priced intermediate frequency furnaces are not good enough, and waste materials are almost never wanted. Therefore, the use of scrap steel-making will be reduced. It will inevitably push up, and the supply of low-cost materials will decrease.

Material demand explosion

There is no reason why the market has always been the reason for the downstream terminal. In fact, it is nothing more than an excuse for not having a good business. It is also a suitable reason for the bargaining position. The performance of demand is actually not in the terminal but in the middle and upper reaches. At the beginning of the year, the demand for some of the prices fell behind. At present, the prices continue to rise and demand is set in advance. Looking back, the orders for steel mills in May near the end of April have not yet been booked. Now, the July futures have already appeared. Why do you want to miss the supply some time ago? Pre- and post-requirements come together in a concentrated manner. It is difficult not to out of stock, and it is difficult to raise prices.
The price of materials will increase and the cost will increase

Finished product prices, scrap prices, intermediate frequency furnaces are not working well, use of scrap to reduce steel production, nickel plate steelmaking is a loss, the use of nickel-iron steel increases, coke futures price is low but the spot rose but crazy. It is not easy to reduce the price of ferrochromium. The problem is that stainless steel materials have gone up. Do you think there is any reason why raw material costs will be reduced?

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