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64T 64W polyester screen printing mesh for textile

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Characteristics of 64T 64W polyester screen printing mesh for textile:

Polyester printing mesh adopts high-precision and high-quality Monofilament Polyester Mesh for Screen Printing, featuring high precision, stable tension and excellent dimensional stability, which makes printing without deviation and guarantees high strength and low elongation. It can greatly extend the service life of the screen, and has the characteristics of heat resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance.


Application of polyester printing mesh:

With high-quality domestic and imported raw materials, advanced weaving mesh and testing equipment, Ruishen.com supplies first-class polyester and nylon mesh products. Polyester printing mesh is widely used in printing electronic PCB circuit boards; printing plate making, printing textiles, glass, ceramics, printing advertisements, banners, magazines, printed electronic display screens, used to make glass screen mesh, filter inks, used in aviation, aerospace, Melt filtration in high-tech fields such as petrochemical


Specifications of polyester printing mesh

Mesh: 60 mesh to 420 mesh

Width: 1.15 meters to 3.6 meters wide

Length: 50 meters

Color: white, yellow

64T 64W polyester screen printing mesh for textile

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