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13-165T polyester silk screen printing mesh fabric

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13-165T polyester silk screen printing mesh fabric is commonly used as a silk printed fabric and as a filter cloth. Due to its tensile strength, elastic memory and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and moisture resistance, this material is particularly suitable for screen printing.


The number of grids ranges from 15mesh / inch to 420mesh / inch.

Production process:

100% polyester mesh for separation and capture

The spring ensures quality.


We buy yarn from Jintong, Switzerland and Japan, and we check the yarn when unloading at the factory. (tolerance, tensile strength, physical testing, etc.).


After that, we placed the warp on the beam and pulled the warp into the heddle and the reed. Then our experienced weavers will start weaving according to the order.


A preliminary investigation was conducted after weaving. Then heat set processing and physical property inspection are started before the test finished roll (60-500 m large roll) can be obtained.


Finally, we will cut the small volume (20m-50m) according to the customer's order after the final inspection.

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