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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cloth

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Stainless steel wire mesh cloth is commonly used as a filter element in static or centrifugal filters.

Available in pleated and flat versions to meet specific application requirements. Stainless steel wire meshes are designed and manufactured to provide filtration protection for liquid and gas flow systems. These cost-effective stainless steel filter discs provide a significant increase in filter area for similar installations.

Stainless steel wire mesh clothes are made of prefabricated mesh discs that are connected to the plates used by the respective filter unit. These designs typically use a combination of an internal drainage network and an external filter. In particular, the static filter models are framed and can be filtered from both sides.

We offer Stainless steel wire mesh with matching sheet metal plates and new screens within the scope of the repair. In the field of solid-solid separation, we produce complete screens with one or more frames as spare parts for repair work.

Technical details and services:

Repair and spare parts for all standard filters, such as Funda, Schenk, Della Toffola.

One-way and two-way filtering

Frame and board design

Screen frame of screening machine

To meet different filtration needs, we offer custom Stainless steel wire mesh upon request.

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